Spot Trender Tests SuperBowl Ads for AdAge

The Super Bowl is known as one of the most viewed events in the United States, and as a result, one of the highest publicized advertising placements of the year. It also comes at a high price – approximately $120K per second, or almost $4MM per 30 second spot for the 2014 Super Bowl.

Given that it is such a hyped up time of the year to advertise, it has been a popular topic of debate as to whether advertisers actually get any substantial ROI.

My team and I set out to discover how some of the Super Bowl ads fared on the general population by testing the ads as they rolled out on the big day. We teamed up with to produce our unique second-by-second reaction graphs and consumer insights on how the ads impacted brand loyalty and purchasing behavior.

Spot Trender’s ability to test video spots on thousands of participants within hours, allowed us to produce these predictive insights in time for Adage to post the article the next day on Monday. See it here:

For more information on the study we conducted, visit the Spot Trender post here: