Entrepreneurship Talk S14 – MIS class @SJSU

This is my third guest speaking event for Professor Jeff Gaines, Outstanding Lecturer of the Year 11′ at San Jose State University.

This session I will speak on three main topics:
1. Evolution of ideas & getting started
2. How to build and recruit your team
3. Successful practices for managing both local and outsourced teams

Location: San Jose State University, BBC 103
When: Tuesday Feb. 11th @ 6:30PM

It is always a pleasure to share my experiences on both successes and things I wish I knew when I had first started. Being able to give back to students and entrepreneurs is important to me. It was always great to have support from those with more experience than me as I first started. This still rings true today as I am constantly learning from those who are farther along in the process of building companies, or are serial entrepreneurs.