Sacramento AMA engagement May 28, 2014

I have been invited to speak at a Sacramento Valley American Marketing Association Luncheon this May 2014.

Get the details and registration here at Eventbrite.

Here is a snippet from the event page:

Better, Faster, Cheaper

Transformative technologies in Market Research

Market research and advertising has evolved greatly over the past few decades, presenting a number of challenges and new opportunities to reach consumers. The advent of ubiquitous access to high speed internet is not only providing new marketing channels, but is also changing the way we must reach out to our target markets. With so much content being produced and presented, how do we cut through the noise and make every impression count? How can we leverage technology to produce better creative content, faster, and cheaper?

Come join us to hear these questions addressed by Chris South, Co-Founder of Spot Trender, an online platform for predicting video performance in the marketplace and rapidly A/B testing videos. This presentation will explore past, present, and his vision of how new technologies can be leveraged in the future of market research and advertising.

Take aways:

It is extremely important in today’s landscape to cut through the noise and create emotionally engaging, educational, and high quality video ads.

By testing from creative conception through production advertisers and marketers can gain significant cost savings by choosing the most effective creative.

In the future, we will be able to instantly predict and know exactly how to engage target markets to achieve advertising and branding campaign goals

Chris will include examples of how new technology and platforms can rapidly produce predictive insights, thus providing marketers the opportunity to take the guesswork out of time sensitive campaign decisions.