Chris South

CEO & co-founder, Spot Trender


Christopher “Chris” South is an American entrepreneur, inventor, and artist. He is the co-founder of Spot Trender, an automated cloud-based platform helping top brands and agencies around the world predict and optimize advertising performance. His experience ranges from working with Fortune 500 Companies to Silicon Valley start-ups in the areas of engineering, business development and product design.

Career & Entrepreneurship

Chris South has always been curious and had a strong imagination. This has led to being inventive at a very young age. Innovating in a wide range of areas such as sound monitors, micro-projector concepts, sports equipment, robotics, and even creating some of the first luxury iPod cases to name a few. However, Chris’ first true venture as an entrepreneur was in mid-2000 when he worked on Strategy Design, a first of it’s kind automated cloud based video editing company for the masses. He worked on the initial technology and business model while studying his BS Mechanical Engineering and Business Entrepreneurship at SJSU.

In 2011 Chris South joined an innovative startup, Serious Energy, in the building materials industry as a Mechanical Engineer prototyping new tools and sound dampening systems for construction materials. The work done in labs contributed to several patent applications.

Around the same time Chris had also joined a start-up, competing in the daily deals space with companies such as Groupon and Living Social. He quickly became the top-producer and General Manager of Business Development, at one point creating more business relationships and live deals in the South Bay Area than both Groupon and Living Social combined.

Spot Trender

Chris South met his co-founder Rick Nguyen at a technology startup in early 2011. After working together for some time, by the end of 2011 they decided to found QRPitch Inc, a platform for entrepreneurs to quickly receive feedback on their pitches using videos and interactive software. They quickly realized that there was a much larger need and market potential in commercial and radio advertising, so they built and later launched Spot Trender in mid-2013. Today Spot Trender works with the largest brands and agencies in the world helping them predict and optimize the performance of their advertisements from pre to post production.


Chris South was born and raised in the Northern California wine country, and yet has Silicon Valley and entrepreneurship deep in his families history. His parents both have a long history of starting businesses and at one point joined a few organizations in Silicon Valley contributing to the 90’s dot com 1.0 boom. Family members residing in the wine country now own and operate their own successful local businesses. His parents are not the only entrepreneurs in the family, as nearly all of his immediate and extended family own or have owned successful businesses tracing back several generations to the mid-1800s.

His family has had a large influence in his life passions ranging from sports, art, and entrepreneurship and travel to name a few.


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