Learning from the best ads

A better way to improve ads vs an industry norm score

In the advertising industry where marketers create so much content and spend the majority of their budgets on placing that content on advertising channels, marketers are always looking to make sure their content performs well in market. So when they conduct market research on the ads, often times the default is to look at benchmarks of how other ads perform to know where they stand. However, too often those benchmarks are a simple score or norm (an average performance score). The challenge is often times those scores are made up of unknown ads and don't tell the story behind the numbers. As a result we often hear horror stories about an ad performing higher than the benchmark but not performing well in-market, on TV, etc.

So at Spot Trender we developed a methodology for getting a better benchmark. Here is an excerpt from our full article:


“The farther back you can look,
the farther forward you are likely to see.”
– Winston Churchill

Advertising is a highly competitive industry; it’s especially brutal when you need to advertise a product that’s similar to many of your close competitors. Your commercials will need that extra pizzazz to stand out.

What if you can learn from past successes—not just your own, but from your competitors’ as well? Spot Trender gives you the tools and insights to duplicate successful ads, and take your new commercials to the next level. Let’s look at how:

Scenario: Supposed you’re in a highly competitive industry, and your products are very similar to your competitors. You want to find out what compelled people to buy after they saw top commercials.

  1. Select the top commercials in your industry
  2. Create a question set to find out main reasons for purchase:
  3. Analyze question set and generate insights

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